Saturday, 28 June 2014

Scrappy Denim Dog Toy

You remember I was cutting the legs off jeans this week to make shorts for my daughter?  Well Ruby the Puppy decided to keep running away with the bits of legs that I had removed, so I put down what I was busy with and decided to make her a toy.

Introducing 'Scrappy' - great name huh?   ;)

So, what did I do?   Well, first I took a plastic sauce bottle out of my recyling bin - washed it again to make sure it was spotlessly clean.

Then popped some dog treats inside to make it rattle.   I wanted something to make a noise within the toy, and used dog treats as at least I know they are digestible in the chance that she gets into it.

Screwed the lid on tight and gave it a shake to check it was noisy enough  :)

Then I took the piece that once was the bottom of a pair of jeans.

Decided that it would fit the bottle in this way, but if you are making one fit it in anyway it will go.

I TRIPLE sewed a line up the 1/3rd mark of the denim, so hopefully it will be a nice strong seam.

Then I slid the bottle in and triple sewed another line to keep in in place.

Next I sliced up the edges to make ribbons of denim.

Some of the ribbons I plaited and sewed the ends to make them hard to undo.  I left the little tag in place as Ruby seems to like chewing tags.

And other ribbons I knotted with very tight knots.

Yeah.... she likes it.  All the blooming toys we have bought her and this is now a firm favourite.  Maybe because it smells of her humans.

She even takes her naps with it beside her.

Would you like a little video of her playing with Scrappy?  Yeah, thought you might  ;)

Now, I must add a disclaimer.  I would never leave my dog alone with this, even though I don't expect anything is too harmful, I don't fancy paying a large Vet bill for bits of plastic that have got stuck in her little gut!

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  1. Great idea. Lovely to see Ruby enjoying her new toy :)


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