Friday, 27 June 2014

Fraying a pair of Jeans

I don't know if I was upset or amused that my daughter did not know how to fray a pair of jeans the other day.  She wanted her jeans cut off to make long shorts, which I did for her, then told her to fray them.

I mean, who does not know how to fray a pair of jeans?  

Unless it is people of a certain age that used to fray their jeans.

I remember many a summer getting hot, chopping the legs off my jeans, then fraying them so they didn't look as though they had just been cut.

Well, just in case you do not know how to fray your jeans, here is a very simple guide for you  :)

Cut your jeans to your desired length, whether it be 3/4 length, knee length, or even 'cheeky' length. 

You will have a cut edge like this...

Get a thick needle, a sewing up needle for wool is perfect for this.
Poke it into the material about 2mm from edge and pull towards the end.

It should take a few cross-ways fibres out with the pull.  

Continue this right across the length, then go and trim off all those fibres that you have just pulled out.

If you need a deeper fray, just repeat until you have your chosen fluffyness.

Now, all I have to do is show her how to hang them on the washing line and chuck bleach at them  :)

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