Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Cushion Cardi's

One of my new kits - available now  :)

Cushion Cardi's.  A rustic mega-chunky acrylic/wool blend yarn which knits up very quickly on large needles.  Finished off with some chunky wooden buttons to fasten, so no fiddling with fitting zips etc..

I have written this pattern up with step-by-step photo instructions, so it is suitable for an absolute beginner to knitting.  There is no shaping to to, just some button-holes to incorporate  (also shown in step-by-step photos)

It will be available in a variety of colours, along with two sizes.  One with 4 buttons to fit an 18" cushion pad, and one with 3 buttons to fit a 16" cushion pad.  (Cushion pads can also be provided if needed.)

Don't you just want to bury your face into one of these when watching a scary movie?  ;)  (I hate scary movies by the way)

You can find the kit HERE, if you wish to have a go and make one for yourself.

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