Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A crisp, fresh walk to work.

I walked to work this morning  :)

Now, you realise that you use your car too much when you find yourself standing at the red traffic light at the end of the road waiting for it to change!!  What a fool I felt.

Let me show you the route to work.

This is just round the corner from my house, heading off our estate.

As you leave the estate you come face-to-face with Morrisons supermarket.

Heading left, this road leads to Scotland, and we are only 8 miles away.

Entering the industrial park.

I spy Hobbycraft.

Arrived  :)  Just in time for a brew and sit down, and wait for my spectacles to clear.

Did a short shift today - 4 hours, so it went by quite quickly.  I didn't walk home as my lovely son Iain texted to offer me a lift  :)

A week or so ago we were asked to to ourselves a badge showing what craft we did, to make it easier for customers to see who would be best to approach for advice.

Hmmmmm, now what badge could I do?  Knitting? Beading? Felting?  I do so much of all sorts that it was hard to choose.  So I had a little word with Marie and chatted her up into making me a badge.  I might do a lot of crafts, but I don't do art very well, so I left it in her capable hands, gave her a list, and away she went.

Each part was made with a business card, tied together and decorated. Isn't it great?

Although I am not too sure about being a "sewer", must be the vegeterian in me  ;)  And here I am modelling it.

It was just for a joke though, I am really not going to wear it around the store, I am working on a bead-weaved one, as not many of the customers think I know what I am talking about half the time  ;)

Oh, look, I accidentally started my wavy blanket with the wool I bought yesterday. 

 I promised myself only half an hour on it a day at the moment as I really do need to finish the crochet vest for the display.

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