Tuesday, 8 January 2013


It's a "bleurgh" kind of day today.  I have had a cold since before New Year and today I am just a bit naffed off with it. It's time for it to go away and bother someone else.

My New Year was toasted in with a good old Lempsip,

Right, I have had my moan now, shake it off and move on  :)

Today was a 'Ribbon' day - oh, hang on, doesn't that sound a little like deja-vu?  Yesterday was a ribbon day.  Today was also a ribbon day.

You know when you are given a task and what flits across your mind is that it will only take a couple of hours?  WRONG.....  I have been working with ribbons for around 14 hours now, and it is still not quite finished.  But, it was a job that needed doing and I do like to see things out to the end  :)

Other Hobbycraft news...

  • A colleague, Helen, brought in her offering for our Outreach programme - a decorated mache letter.  It's so fab and colourful.  Photos shows both sides.
  • I had to share a lift with a married couple actually having a real argument. I didn't know where to look.
  • Cauliflower & ginger soup smells like fart, especially when it's being heated up at work)  I made it in my Soup Maker and had it for lunch with a pumpkin seed sandwich!  Yeah, yeah, weird I know.

Speaking of kitchen gadgets, let me share another favourite with you.  My Tefal Express.

Such a cute machine and you can make coleslaw in minutes. It slices, grates, shreds......

Here is a "Man V Food" moment - a nacho & bean burger with home-made coleslaw.

And now for a craft catch-up - I am just about to start shaping the armholes on the crochet vest whilst watching Supersize vs Superskinny  :)

See ya tomorrow.

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