Thursday, 3 January 2013

Mental block!

Well, this is no good is it?  The first day of my blog (that is supposed to last a month) and I have a mental block - don't know what to write.

Usually when I sit down to blog I have something to specifically write about, usually it is about something I have made, but today I have made nothing.

So, what have I done?  Well I have been to work at Hobbycraft  (did I tell you I love my job?)  Luckily it was only a four hour shift, I say 'luckily' because I am stuffed full of cold and struggling to find any energy.  The staircase to the upper floor, which I can usually jog up, looks like Everest and seems to take ages to climb.

I did a two hour till shift, I normally don't tend to do till shifts as I like to be moving about the floor, filling up shelves, chatting to people, but was quite pleased to do it today as I needed to finish off a little project that was on the go.

I took on a project within Hobbycraft called "Outreach".  Outreach basically means inviting groups into the store to do some little crafty sessions.  As we are a new store nothing is yet in place to offer crafters so I am working on putting together a little booklet with ideas in it.  I am asking each of my colleagues to put forward a little project to pop into my little book :)

I had an idea though the other day of a sequinned bauble, I asked one of my collegues to start it off as she was doing a Christmas Deco demo in the store.  Little did I realise how long it would take to stick all those little sequins onto a Styrofoam ball with pins! Anyway....... I finished it off tonight, a joint project.


(Oh bum, just noticed a couple of sequins have come off!)

Let me also show you this, made by Lauren - she offered to do a "felt doll", I don't know what I was expecting, but certainly not this little cutie - everyone fell in love with it, isnt it fab?

Shelley also made two little deopatch boxes which are great fun to do, I am sure these will be a popular choice.

Before I left work though I had to buy a little something.  This seems to be a naughty little habit that I have acquired   Sometimes I manage to spend more than I earn!

I bought this fabulous book, the patterns in it are so cute.  Keep an eye out for me making some bits out of it in hopefully the near future.

You can find it HERE.

Well this is me settling down for the evening, catching up with Dallas on Sky+ and enjoying a glass of wine while waiting for Andrew to come home from his shift.

(Wasn't such a mental block after all!!)

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