Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Middle Aged.

"Middle Aged" - that's me apparently.  And I have to say, it's been a middle aged kind of a day.

When I got to work to start my shift at 12 noon, I read the morning briefing  (this is about targets, job lists, feedback etc...). I read that a customer had sent in a 'Passion Builder', which is where a customer gives feedback about their Hobbycraft experience.  It  was a good report and mentioned a "Dark haired, chatty, middle aged lady".  As I am the only one who could be in that age category with dark hair, I guess it was me :)

Nice feedback - thumbs up / Middle aged - thumbs down.

Let me show you another Outreach project from Lauren - Pin Cushions.  So cute!  I wanna make some.

Adding to the middle-agedness, I went to see "Quartet" with Shona tonight.  Mainly because my parents raved about it, my Mother telling me how absolutely hilarious it was when Billy Connelly peed in a bush.

Hmmmmm.  It was an OK film, I would liken it to Italian Merlot - you wouldn't necessarily choose to drink it, but if it was there.......  The funniest bits were laughing at the collective gasp of the audience when the words "Twat" and "F**k" were used.  And not to mention the embarrassment of Shona who was clearly the youngest person there by about 20 years  :)

Speaking of Italian Merlot, the cinema had received their wine delivery. Now served in cute plastic wine glasses.  Horrid wine - the sulphites give me a headache - but wine nonetheless. (Mental note not to have it ever again)

Well, that's me off work now until Monday - whooooo days off.  Lots of plans to do crafts, to do some stuff in 'The Shed', and a big plan to wallpaper the bathroom (must, must, must do it).

Before I go, I have finished the back of the Crochet vest.

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