Saturday, 12 January 2013

Learning to wallpaper.

A few years ago I taught myself how to wallpaper, out of sheer desperation and bloody mindedness, I did it.

I have done it in our house ever since.  The bathroom needed done and I asked Shona if she wanted to help - ie, learn to wallpaper  :)  She did, although I think her arm was twisted a little.

Last time I decorated the bathroom was...

I forgot to paint the year on the wall this time though.

I found the most gorgeous wallpaper by RASCH on eBay. Rasch do the most fabulous designs. You can find it HERE.  You can also get it in black which is quite bold too.

Shona wouldn't do the 'big bits' so I did those and she filled in the gaps.

Here are some before and after shots  :)

Just need to get a red toilet seat now and we are done :)

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