Thursday, 17 January 2013

A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

A quick update on the crochet vest I am making for a display at work.  I have started shaping the armholes on the front now, and in the next couple of rows I will begin to shape the neckline.  Then it's just a case of making it up and crocheting the edges.

In other news, we got a new product in Hobbycraft, a felting mold.  There are a few different styles, but I picked this one - a rose.  You needle felt a few of each shape, then connect them all together to make a 3D flower.

Of course once I had gotten it home and unpacked, and dug out all of my felting wool, could I find my needles?  Of course not.  There are in a little plastic tube somewhere with a red cap, so if anyone should see them please let me know.

The next day in work I planned to pick up a pack of felting needles, now usually I just use a single needle and this is what I planned to buy, but instead I thought I would treat myself to a pen style one with 3 needles in it.

I pulled out some wool, padded it into the mold and started stabbing.  4 stabs later and I missed the hole, stabbed the mold and broke all the needles!  Dumbo.  I got a cute heart out of it though :)

Now I need to buy some more needles  :/

Another project currently under construction is my wavy blanket.  I have had to order some wool, the four colours I picked.......

.....needed something else alongside, lilac I thought.  I had to order it online though as we don't have that colour in our store.  Waiting for it to arrive now so I can do the next row as I think I need that colour in next.

In the meantime I added the fill in row at the top, this is a mixture of varying size stitched, normally done at the end once the blanket has been finished, but I was bored  :)

Right, back to it  ;)

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