Monday, 28 January 2013

Granny Cushion

This cushion cover is made from scrap wool, in fact yarns given as free gifts on "The Art Of Crochet" magazine.  They are just tiny balls and not enough to make anything with, but the colours were so complimentary to each other I just had to make something pretty with them.

I did 9 squares, using all 6 colours but in random order.

Then I edged it all to make it fit the ready made cushion cover that I had purchased.

It took ages to tack the crochet onto the pad!  I made sure it was tacked in lots of places so it would be secure when leaned against.

Then, of course, I stuffed it, with a nice fat cushion pad.

Sorry about the slightly blurry photo.

It will be on the new crochet display in Carlisle Hobbycraft very soon.  :)

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