Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Hobbycraft & Eden Valley Hospice

As part of the Hobbycraft Outreach programme, myself and Laura found ourselves at Eden Valley House, which is the child's part of our local hospice.

Hobbycraft supports the charity "Together for short lives" so has a close relationship with the Hospice.

A very large decopatch (7 foot high) tree was donated, along with the glues, brushes and papers to decorate it.  Laura and I went along to show them how to decopatch it (the art of glueing bits of paper to a mache form).

First the branches have to be inserted and patched into place with lots of glue and brown paper, then the decorative tissue paper can be applied.

We didn't put the whole tree together as the hospice are going to split the decorating of it in-between the children's house and the adult day-care section, so we shall go back at a later date and help them finish it off.

Can't wait to see it finished.

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