Friday, 18 January 2013

Cub Scouts & Totem Poles

Hobbycraft sponsor the Cub Scout activity badge, and as a store we invite groups of Cub Scouts in to make something to go towards gaining their badge.

It is my job to organise the groups to come into store.  Tonight was our very first Cub visit, so, although prepared (as I used to be a Beaver & Cub leader) I was still unsure of how things would go, but I think they enjoyed it  :)

I decided a theme might be a good idea. Something easy enough for any skill levels to manage, something that could be done simply, but also with a lot of detail if required.  TOTEM POLES !

I gave them all a lump of air-drying clay and some picture from which to draw inspiration.

An hour and a bit later and we had a table full of Totem Poles, would you like to see?  Perhaps we have some budding pottery artists amongst them  :)

When they are nice and dry (3-4 days) they will be ready to paint in lovely bright, cheerful colours.

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