Monday, 7 January 2013

Ribbon & Rosti.

Today was a working day - a 7 hour working day at Hobbycraft.  I always start of the day wondering how I am gonna manage to stay on my feet for that long, but they fly by.

Today I was sorting ribbon.  I got so engrossed in sorting ribbon that I forgot to go for my afternoon tea break!  Me, forgetting TEA !!  How?

The job was to tidy, count, stock adjust.  Laura was my working buddy today - see what a happy chappy she is, always smiling.

Have your kids moved away from home yet?  Only one of mine has flown the nest - Adam, but I get a text, just casually asking what we are having for tea, then asking if there is a spare place at the table.  Well of course there is, always.

When the kids were little each of them had two nights on "Tea Duty". This meant that they chose a meal to make, helped me prepare & cook it, serve it, then tidy up.  They then had 4 nights being served the others meal choices. On Sundays we had a take-away.

Adam (9)  Iain (10) Shona (7)

Adam always had a great interested in cooking and would want to experiment each and every time.  We had some fantastic concoctions.

Tonight, he wanted to make a Rosti for the first time. "How do I do it Mum?" he asked.

Simples, peel a spud, grate the spud, squash all the moisture out of it really well, then cook it like an omelette.

One rosti, going down while I cook him a stir-fry  :)

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