Monday, 14 January 2013

How many steps?

Today I thought I would clip on a pedometer for work, as I was doing an 8 hour shift.  I have been slowly loosing weight since starting work, without making any alterations to my diet - just merely moving about more and not sitting on a computer chair most of the day.

I do keep promising to walk the 26 mins to work too, but so far I have found an excuse each day - too cold / raining / too dark when I finish / too long a shift / got a cold  and so on.....  But I WILL, one day.  I have even bought new boots in preparation.

Back to the pedometer.  I clipped it on, did 6 hours, bent down to pick up some wool and the thing fell of and reset itself!!  I hadn't even checked it at any point so cannot calculate how many steps I had done.  But walking back and forward to the warehouse with bags of wool must have accumulated a few.

Today was a wool day. I like working the wool, filling up the sections, making sure the labels all face the right way.  The BIG BIG issue with me working the wool, is me buying the wool.  Especially now as it is on 3 for 2.  I am ashamed to say my habit is so bad I have to sneak my bags of wool in when Shona is not looking as she goes mad.   (Probably due to the 4 bin bags under the stairs, the 2 bin bags in the hall cupboard, the other 2 bin bags in the spare bedroom, and the supersized pouffe full in the living room - she has not seen the ones in the attic  ;)  )

After my 8 hour shift I popped home for an hour then went back to Hobbycraft to do a Crochet class.  I had 5 lovely ladies all learning crochet for the first time, and they all did fantastically well.  I was going to take a photo, but we were so busy chatting that I forgot!

But, I did buy some wool  :)

I follow a blog called ATTIC24, and she does the most fabulous items, one being a groovy rippled blanket - so I am going to have a go at that.  I wish I had Lucy's eye for colour though as she picks yarns that are so bright and cheerful.  Check out the blog HERE.

Watch this space  :)

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