Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Knitted toy display at Hobbycraft

The crochet display has now been taken down at Hobbycraft in Carlisle, and replaced with a toys and doll display.

I had a lot of help doing this fun display, little things can take a lot of knitting.  In fact, I think I got away with doing very little with this one (whistles innocently)

I used the decopatch tree as a display aid, and tied the knitted toys into it.

Let's start with Gaynor's knitted offering.

First we have a very cheeky snake.

Very cheeky, he checks out the young ladies as they pass his tree, he watches them furtively, ready to strike...... but he has not quite plucked up the courage to strike yet!

He has a friend, a Panda, that keeps him calm and collected.  When Snake gets out of hand, Panda whacks him with his stick of bamboo!

Then you will find Monkey, this is a greedy Monkey. He will not, under any circumstances, share his banana. He guards it with his life, only having a nibble when he thinks no one is watching.

At the base of the tree sits three beautiful dollies, lovingly dressed by my Mum, Vera.

This is Polly Dolly, she is a cute baby doll, dressed in pink and white with a band of fluff around her pretty little hat.

Her friend is Jemima, she is a trendy doll, working her 60's glam style clothing and poncho.  She likes bright colours.

Their friend is Penelope Pirate, she is dressed.... like a pirate, completed with bandana and eye-patch.

Two twin flower girls sit in the basket hanging from a branch.  They are the Tulip Twins and they like to be sitting up high, swaying in the wind.

Hiding around the back of the tree you will find Henrietta and Horatio, the lace knitted hedgehogs   These little chaps were created by a colleague from the Glasgow store on our opening day way back on September.  You can pick up a free pattern for these in Carlisle Hobbycraft.

Back up in the tree you should be able to spot Festive Fred,  he is one of the Great North Air Ambulance owls that I am knitting to raise money for the charity.  You can find him and his friends HERE, should you wish to purchase one.   Or you can purchase a pattern to make your own from Fluff and Fuzz on Etsy.

Another two GNIA Owls are locked in a bird cage as the wee naughties keep flying up into the roof space and refusing to come back down.  Their names are Hooby and Edmund.

A few more crocheted owls are adorning the remaining branches, you can read more about those HERE and also find a link to the pattern.

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