Thursday, 9 May 2013

April Giveaway - WINNER

Thanks for all that entered into the April Giveaway.

The list of people wanting to have some free beadies in the colourway of their choice is...

  • Trica - Cream
  • Leah - Purple
  • Jane - Pink
  • Lorraine - Red
  • Heather - *not* Brown
  • Gail - Spring colours or Orange
  • Bobby - Blue & Green
  • Gaynor - Purple
  • Catherine - Milky Blue/Greens
  • Kaiserin - Red
  • Suzanne - Golds/Coppers
  • Michelle - Green or Purple
  • Marilyn - Blue
  • Edwina - Pink & Creams
  • Margret - Red & Purple

I popped all the names into a fruit machine random name generator, and it randomly chose....

So, well done Michelle - contact me with your delivery address and a selection of your colour choice of beads will be on the way to you very soon.

Sorry to everyone else, but keep popping back as I do a Giveaway every month.

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