Saturday, 4 May 2013

BB Colour Challenge May 2013

Goodness me what is happening?  It is the 4th of May (fighting the urge to say "May the forth be with you!"), and I have just finished my piece for the Bead Buddies Forum monthly colour challenge. 

Normally I totally miss the deadline, even though it's a whole month, or end up running about like a headless chicken trying to get something made.  This month it's different.

The colours were a randomly generated selection - this.....

I guess my entry is a bit of a cheat as I am still enjoying my Shrink Plastic experiments and just simply decided to use them and my lovely Sharpie pens yet again.

I've purchased a few stencils from the clearance box at Hobbycraft, one of them being a trio of hearts which is quite nice, so I used that.  They are just over an inch high.  

Feel free to sign up to the forum and enter yourself, there are still around 20 days left to take part this month  :)

  ps - I still won't win  ;)

ps: The Amazon links I've scattered throughout the page are affiliated  if you click and buy I might get a few pennies.

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