Friday, 24 May 2013

Weaving Class with Jan Beadle

Last Saturday I did my second Weaving Class with Jan Beadle at Truly Twisted Yarns in Carlisle.

This class was "Collapsible Weaving".  In essence, during the weaving of your piece, you do a few lines of Lycra, which when plunged into hot water once your piece has finished, will collapse, pulling the woven piece into a ruched effect.

The first time I did a class I rushed to get the loom that was dressed with purple/blue warp threads, as these are very much my colour.  This time I hung back, hoping to take something on that was outside my comfort zone colourwise.  In the end I got a choice of three, the same one I had the first time (which you can read about HERE) or a lime green mix, or an orange.

I opted for the green one, I still wasn't brave enough to take on an orange - perhaps next time  :)

Off I trotted into the Truly Twisted Yarns shop to choose my yarns.  Oh, the choice, this must be the hardest part of the day.
As you can see, some purples accidentally fell into my hands.... and a nice hot pink.

As my last attempt was very random and had no pattern as such, I wanted to try and stick to a design of sorts this time, so chose my yarn and stuck with it all the way through.

See where that textured yarn lays?  Well the Lycra is each side of that, just to add a little interested to the fabric.

Quite pleased with this one, although the material needs to be washed and softened down quite a bit now.

See, it didn't turn out very green after all  ;)

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