Friday, 17 May 2013

Wooden Braided Bracelet

Sometimes it just needs to be the natural look - no, I am not talking about getting nekkid, perish the thought! - I meant in accessory terms.  Like tumblechip necklaces and wooden beaded jewellery.

I actually put together this piece for a bloke, he wanted a bracelet, but with a bit more 'Oomph' and not girly at all, no not girly, no pink then.

What you need:
  • 1 meter 1mm cotton Thonging 
  • 10g Wooden Bead Mix 
  • 2 x Folding Crimps 
  • 2 x Jump Rings 
  • 1 x Bolt Ring Clasp 
When choosing your beads, try and make sure the holes are large enough to take the cord, failing that because they are wooden you should be able to widen them slightly by using round nose pliers or a bradle.

What you do:
  • Cut the Thonging into three equal pieces.
  • Hold the pieces so that all edges are straight as shown in the photo and using a folding crimp, fold each edge over the leather to enclose. Squeeze tightly.
  • Tie a knot close to the folding crimp of the Thonging and thread on 5 wooden beads, tie a knot close to the last bead as shown in the first photo.
  • Continue to string the beads and knot after every 5 beads until the piece measures approx 20cm, finish with a knot.
  • Thread up the other two threads until they are the same length as the first, you can vary the amount of beads between the knots if you wish for some variety.
  • Plait the three beaded lengths, passing the right over the middle, then the left over the middle, continuing until the whole length is braided.
  • Holding the three knots together, fold the folding crimp around the three strands and squeeze tightly shut. 
  • Cut off the excess Thonging as close as possible to the end of the folding crimp.
  • Open a jump ring and use it to link the Bolt Ring clasp to the hole in one folding crimp. Attach a jump ring to the other folding crimp to make the loop to fasten the bolt ring to.

© Sue Simmons / The Bead Shed 
March 2007

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