Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Polymer Clay class at Hobbycraft

Last night I did a Polymer Clay class at Hobbycraft, this was the first time I had ran this particular class and it had a good turn out and went really well.

Give someone a lump of coloured clay and they are whisked back to their Plasticine days.  Rolling, cutting, making sausages  :)

Of course this time we were using Polymer Clay.  We used Sculpey due to the fact it has a shorter cooking time than Fimo (although I am not sure it has as I always seem to have to give it a bit longer).

I didn't take any class photos, but I managed to snap some piccies of the finished beads for you.

PS:  The Amazon links I have throughout my blog are affiliated, which means if you click and purchase I may get a few pennies - just so you know :)

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