Thursday, 16 May 2013

Bombarding you with tutorials

I am in the process of adding all my tutorials and magazine pieces to this blog, so followers can play if they wish  :)

All will be free of charge and you can find what free tutorials are available at any time by clicking on the lilac bar just under the "Sooz In The Shed" header.  Can you see it?  Very occasionally you have to refresh the page to show the new layout, but it is there - honest.

I've been puzzling over how to get more links in the bar for weeks now and yesterday I finally worked it out - no one would think I have a diploma in web design would they?

I am going to try NOT to bombard you with many posts a day, but slowly slip them in like a dog trying to get cat biscuits out of the bowl when she thinks you're not looking.  (If it wasn't for her ID tag dinging on the side of the aluminium bowl she might get away with it too, but I digress....)

If you click on "Tutorials" it will take you to a page with thumbnails, click on the link above it and it will take you to that tutorial.  This is the bumph you will find there....

My tutorials are offered to you free of charge, no catch, no small-print.

You can do what you wish with them, make them as gifts, sell them for charity, sell them for profit.  You do not need to ask permission, you have it here.  You can even share my patterns, just please don't pass them off as your own and a link back would be appreciated.

However, if you ever become hugely rich and have loads of spare money from using my patterns feel free to share it with me.  :)  

But if you would be so kind as to credit where you found the patterns, and point people back to this blog, I would be very grateful.  I would love to see photos too, you can EMAIL them using this link.


As I hate to leave a blog post without any pictures, here is a snap of the aforementioned biscuit thief.

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