Friday, 31 May 2013

Naturalight Magnifying Craft Lamp

I thought I would share with you this wonderful little craft lamp.

I bought it when it was half-price in Hobbycraft a few weeks ago.  Reduced from £34.99 to just £17.49, I thought it was too good a bargain to be missed.  So into my basket it jumped.

From "Naturalight",  it's not the prettiest of lamps, I wanted to use it in my living room as that's where I do most of my wool-craft, and for a few days it was hidden down the side of the sofa, to be brought up and placed on the table when necessary.  Now, it has pride of place on the table and sits there quite happily.

It is adjustable, both the arm and the head so you can position it exactly where you need it to point.

The daylight bulb is a good sized one, it's actually a ring shape and it sits around the magnifying part you can see in the photo.  It is nice and 'white' bright, meaning the colours that you are working with stay true, unlike other table lamps that makes cream look like white and yellow look like green!  And the light 'spreads' well, rather than it being too spotlight like.

I have only used the magnifying glass part once to  look at some really small print on a pattern, but it works really well.  The nice part is you can just close down the top when not using the magnifying part and it just looks like a desk lamp.

These are still on the £17.49 price offer, but I cannot find any on the HC website so find your local store and pop on down to grab one quick  as they are nearly £40 + postage on the Naturalight website  ;)

Disclaimer:  I wasn't given a lamp to review, I purchased it myself and the views are all my own.

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