Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Book Review - "Knit together for short lives"

I am reviewing a super cute little book this month from Hobbycraft.

It is "Knit together for short lives" which is a bargain priced little knitting book with some great easy-to-do projects in it.  Together for short lives is a charity for children with life-shortening conditions.

All proceeds from this book are donated to children's hospices and it only costs £4.99!

I initially took the book so I could make a knitted doughnut for the Mad Hatter's Tea Party that we are having in Carlisle's Hobbycraft on the 25th & 26th May (everyone is welcome - there will be real edible cakes too!)

Flicking through the book though I wanted to do a little ballerina teddy so I grabbed a few scraps of wool and made a start. (the photo below is taken from the book, not the one I have made - this bear is a pretty girl, my bear is .... aesthetically challenged)

It really only takes small amounts of wool to do any of the projects, they are quick and easy, and the ones I have done are easy to follow.

Although my bear is rather ugly, but ugly in a cute kinda way, how can you resist a face like this?

She has pretty little heart buttons on her feet.

Are you ready for a full viewing?  Are you sure?  Here you go then....

Shona thinks she is ugly enough to love (The bear, not Shona, she is rather pretty in my biased opinion!)

I want to make these furball kitties next.

Photo from book

OK, here is the disclaimer.  I DO work for Hobbycraft, but they have not asked me to review this book, or even provided me with the book to review.  It is an honest opinion from me about the book, I genuinely do like this book, it's cute and full of fun things to knit.

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