Monday, 6 May 2013

Samye Ling - Tibetan Buddhist Centre

Yesterday I took a trip to Samye Ling - the Tibetan Buddhist Centre at Eskdalemuir.

The Temple

From Carlisle, it is just a quick 23 miles up the M74 to Lockerbie, then 13 longer miles along a winding road to Eskdalemuir.

It is a place I have been visiting since I was young with my parents, and still continue to pop back now and again.

Every single time I visit there is something new being built, it changes each time so much over relatively short periods of time.  There is either another beautiful building to see, or a garden, or pond.

It is a very welcoming place, visitors are encouraged and you are even allowed to sit in the temple during a worship and listen to the service.  (leave your shoes at the door)

The small room in the Temple

This is Daddy L's photo as I didn't  get a decent one inside the main temple.

The whole place just feels calm and serene, and there is no phone signal which is a plus point  :)
You can hang a ribbon on the wish tree if you like too.

There is a wonderful little shop, I bought myself this lovely 100% wool poncho for just £15.

And there is a cosy café which serves many different calming teas along with whole-food vegetarian fayre.

Check out this amazing stained glass window.

You can go and stay there, even take part in working holidays helping to do the gardens.  They also have lots of courses on offer, I am thinking about doing a beginners meditation one sometime.

Take some time out to visit the centre, I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Prayer Wheels

If you would like to see some more photographs, you can find them HERE on my photography Facebook page.

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