Thursday, 15 August 2013

A room change.

Due to a little hiccup in booking (not by us, I hasten to add) we had to add an extra night onto our stay here at The Cornwall Hotel & Spa. So I thought I'd quickly show you the new room.

We have sadly left our 'woodland room' and are now in the main house. We have no door number, we have a name - Maud Smith. Wonder what that means!!

It took two big strong housekeeping guys 4 trips back & forward to move Hubster's months worth of luggage & gadgets (printers etc...) I carried my own :)

Here's some photos of the new room.

No balcony, but a nice view.

Much smaller so we are tripping over all his stuff, but it's just for one night :)

We are leaving Cornwall this morning, bye bye Cornwall, it's been lovely, hope to be back sometime soon.


  1. Cornwall loved having you, you lez

  2. I hope so, coz I plan to be back. I missed out on my snog anyway, so need to come back for that :) Where did the time go?


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