Friday, 16 August 2013

How the mighty have fallen..

Yesterday, after leaving Cornwall, we started to snake up the country to head back to "home-sweet-home".

Hubster has not see our house for a month now and he is missing the animals terribly.  Dotty Dog is going to go mad when she sees him.

There has been a few things that we have bookmarked to do over the years, so we are planning to tick a couple of those off on the way up the M6.

Having left our most luxurious hotel (paid for by Hubsters work) we are now back to basics in a Travelodge (because I am too tight to pay anything more, after all what do you need?  A bed and a loo, that'll do.)

But I felt like a complete snob when I walked into the room.  I could actually feel my  nose starting to upturn.

Perfectly clean and tidy, friendly staff....but it was SO SMALL !

Little bed.

Little bathroom.

Little view.

Little price - it is what it is.

Travelodge, I will be back in love with you soon, but last night was just too soon....

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