Saturday, 3 August 2013

Cathedral Rose Afghan - update #2

Time for another update on the Cathedral Rose Afghan project.  You can view other updates HERE if you so desire.

Last update was just after Fairford where I had done a wee bit of crocheting at the Airshow.

Since then I have put the large hexagons to one side as they are for much later in the project, and I have edged all the purple pieces with black.

I then made a load of (well, 8) black triangles.  It's a tricky old business crocheting with black in a badly lit room you know.  I have a daylight spotlight lamp but you have to shine it right on the work to see where you are.

These looked so much like moustaches that I was tempted to stick one to my lip and take a selfie photo.  But I didn't as I am not that silly......

..........actually, that's a lie, of course I did!

Then it was time to assemble.

Looking good so far, but very wrinkly and unflat, so I thought I should attempt to block it.  In the past i have blocked real wool by washing it and laying it out neatly, but I've never blocked acrylic.  I read that it can be steam blocked, and indeed it can.

Work to date.


  1. Can't think which I like best, the crochet or the photo of you with the 'tache!

  2. You think I should grow one?


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