Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Weaving Class Day 3

Today was our third and final day at the weaving class with Jan Beadle.

Did anyone guess what I had on the loom yesterday? 

Well, it was a sky-line. :) can you see?

It's not quite as I anticipated but its ok.  Here is the full view.

It's over a meter long. It needs trimmed and fringed and the sandy bits up the sides needs to be pulled out.  I plan to make it a wall hanging. 

For lunch I had the most gorgeous butternut squash and sweet potato soup - you can see how delicious it was as I had gobbled it up before taking a photo!

I also had a little fun eye-bombing. Meet Mr & Mrs SP Pot.

After lunch I made my second piece, using the same warp thread as before.  This time I did coloured stripes. I hope to use this material to make myself a funky bag.

This is Lezley's lovely work. Such summery candy colours.

It was a fabulous course, it went too quick & I'm sorry it's over. If you ever get a chance to take a class with Jan, do, it's worth every penny.


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