Saturday, 10 August 2013

Weaving class Day 1

This week I am going to a 3 day "Weaving Summer School" with Jan Beadle at Truly Twisted Yarns.

I've been to a couple of day classes to learn to weave, but as this is a three day event it includes things like learning how to dress the loom, which will be very useful if I ever decide to buy one for myself.

You can see my earlier attempts HERE.

This was Monday, day 1.

My friend Lezley, and I went together.

I had happened to have popped by the shop a few days earlier & saw all the looms set out. I wanted the red one. When we got there this morning most of the other students were already in, so I thought the red one would have been shaped up, but it wasn't so I grabbed it :) (Lezley didn't want it).

I went off to the wool store to choose my yarns. For some reason I picked shades of cream & gold. Unsure why as I was going to run it with purples, but there you go.

I did change to reds though further in. I'm such a flibberty gibbert!!

The orange at the start is just a starter thread & will be removed when the piece is taken off the loom.

I tried a load of new weaving patterns too.

Lunch time, nom nom, jacket spud & cottage cheese.

Then it was time to sort out my warp for the next project. This involved having two warping pegs 4 meters apart and walking back and forth, winding the yarn over 168 times! That is a total of 672 meters, very nearly half a mile!

I pulled it into a chain ready to thread onto the loom in the morning.

Lezley picked a nice blue/lilac warped loom this morning, and added some wonderfully bright colours.

Neither have been taken off the looms yet, so check back tomorrow to see what we made :)


  1. Wow, it's looking brilliant. Not only did you weave, but you also got some exercise! Will this be a hanging, a throw, or a rug?

  2. It's going to be a wall hanging I think :)


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