Saturday, 3 August 2013

My Christening Gown

A couple of evenings ago I popped into my parents for a quick catch up and a brew.

Sitting with my mug of very strong tea I noticed a box on the floor by my Mum's feet.

"What's that", I ask, in my usual nosey manner.

"It's your Christening gown and shawl", she replied.

My parents are in the middle of cleaning out the attic - they don't want to leave it to me and my sister when they have gone - nice cheery parents I have - although I am sure my sister and I wouldn't mind going through boxes of memories, but there you go.

So, during one 'clear out' they discovered this box and as my Godparents (Geoffrey and Margaret) were visiting that evening it was brought out to show them.

My Godparents Geoffrey on the left, Margaret on the right, with my parents in the middle.

First the shawl.  This was knitted by my Godmother, Margaret, for me.  It is so soft and beautiful.

I would like to say I remember it, but sadly I don't.  Having said that, a root through old photos have thrown up this....

August 1993
This was the day Shona came home from Hospital, we went via my parents house as they were watching the boys, and of course photos had to be taken.  The shawl is covering the chair.

And here is the gown.

Oh, and I had a sweet little veil too to cover my face, apparently that's what they did way back then.. or maybe they just thought I was ugly  :)

 I was Christened in 1968, too many years to count back to, but the gown actually belonged to my Godmother Margaret and she herself was Christened in it.

Margaret with myself, 1968/9
 So without revealing a Ladies age I will simply say it is probably over 70 years old.

My Christening 1968

So, I am sitting there "awwing" and "ahhhing" over this wonderful piece of history when my Mum says.

"We thought we would donate it to Tullie House"  (A local museum)

Ahem!  I don't think so, sorry Tullie House, but it's MY frock and MY shawl, and I want to keep it.

I took it home and showed the box to Shona, who unwrapped it ever so carefully, made all the right noises and fell in love with it.  

I guess that's it's heading back for the attic then, which is a shame really, but I want to keep it safe for the years to come.

Also, still up in my parents attic is this moses basket.  Another gift from my godmother, who carefully covered in it beautiful material.  When my oldest, Iain, was born in 1990 she took it away and re-made it for him.  It is still gorgeous to this day and will be treasured.

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