Saturday, 3 August 2013

Classes At Hobbycraft - Display

I've just put together a new class list for Hobbycraft.  Not a lot of customers realise that we offer classes and workshops so we had to think of some way of promoting it.

Behind the checkout is a shelf, which usually gets filled up with bits of crafts that colleagues have done, but now it is a "Class Display Shelf"  and wo-betide of anyone should dump something on there!!

Marie was in one day last week doing a kid's summer school class and when she had a little lull I asked her very nicely if she would bash me out some foam frames.  Bless her cottons, she did too.

Each class now has it's own section on the shelf.  Fliers are printed off and sitting on the shelf beside the advert - all we need now is to get the spaces filled up with examples.

So, if you are close to Carlisle and you fancy learning something new, pop along, have a look at what is on offer and treat yourself to a class or two  :)

Coming this month:
  • Mon 5th Aug (12.30-3.00pm) - Nim & Num /  Mug Painting - Drop in Session = £1.50
  • Tue 6th Aug (12.30-3.00pm) - Nim & Num / Pencil Cases - Drop in Session = £1.50
  • Tue 6th Aug (6.00-7.30pm) - SoozInTheShed / Bead & Banter / Tutored Beading Group = £5.00
  • Wed 7th Aug (12.30-3.00pm) - Nim & Num / Jigsaws - Drop in Session - £1.50
  • Thur 8th Aug (12.30-3.00pm) - Nim & Num / Hats - Drop in Session - £2.00
  • Fri 9th Aug (12.30-3.00pm) - Nim & Num / T-Shirt Painting - Drop in Session - £5.00)
  • Fri 9th Aug (3.00-7.30pm) - Monkey Tales / Make A Sock Monkey with Anne Scott - £17
  • Sun 18th Aug (1.00-3.00pm) - Heevis Miniatures / Dolls House Miniatures Demo - FREE to watch
  • Mon 19th Aug (6.00-7.30pm) - SoozInTheShed / Wool Craft Group / Tutored Knit & Crochet - £5.00
  • Tue 20th Aug (2.00-4.00pm) - SoozInTheShed / Beginners Jewellery - £15 
  • Wed 21st Aug (10.00-2.30pm) - Monkey Tales / Make A Sock Monkey with Anne Scott - £17
  • Thu 22nd Aug (2.00-3.30pm) - SoozInTheShed / Learn to Crochet - Class 1 of 4 - £10
  • Thu 22nd Aug (3.00-4.00pm) Lawrence Graham Photography / Mount Cutting Demo - FREE to watch
  • Tue 27th Aug (3.00-4.30pm) SoozInTheShed / Learn to Beadweave - Peyote / £10
  • Tue 27th Aug (5.30-7.30pm) SoozInTheShed / Lavender Hearts (Sewing) - £10
  • Thu 29th Aug (2.00-3.30pm) - SoozInTheShed / Learn to Crochet - Class 2 of 4 - £10


  1. what a good idea! There is a lot of nice stuff going on up there ;)
    The nearest HC to me is about 25 miles away and is nothing like as inviting in any way shape or form. I know they do classes and demos too, but I don't feel inclined to drive 25 miles into this uninviting place ...
    Wish I was nearer to Carlisle :) Would love to do the sock monkey class with Anne ;)

  2. Anne's monkeys are so cute, they all seem to have their own characters.


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