Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Beginners Jewellery Making

After my two weeks off work (weaving class & Cornish holiday) I returned with vigour - and a new class list which kicked off a Hobbycraft, Carlisle yesterday with a 'Beginners Jewellery Class'

It was nice to jump back into it & we made lots of lovely trinkets, including earrings (3 pairs) two necklaces and a bracelet.  All this for just £10 inc materials - it's a bargain I tell ya, a bargain :)

Why is beading so messy ?  :)

Would anyone like these earrings? I made them as examples, they're on nickel free silver plated wires. 

First to comment on this blog gets them, both pairs, delivered anywhere in the world.  QUICK... SHOUT..... NOW!

I will work on an up-to-date list off all up coming classes, once I can find my website editing software on my new laptop  ;)


  1. I'd love the earrings - so pretty!

  2. You got it! Email me your details at and I will pop them off to you.


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