Friday, 23 August 2013

Daddy L's New Shirt.

Those of you who have the pleasure of knowing Daddy L will understand that his dress sense is amazing, quite flamboyant at times, and sometimes just crazy.  He likes bright shirts, lots of shirts, and the brightest socks you can find.

In Marrakesh they even matched the plant pots!

Jazzy jackets too.  (with Shona on her 18th)

So when he asked me to tie-dye a shirt of his I knew it would have to be slightly mad and colourful.

It started off a boring dull mushroom colour.  (forgot to take a photo, but it was so dull it would have bored you to sleep anyway)

I bought some marbles - actually, I sent Shona to the pound shop with a £5 note to buy marbles.  Thinking they would be small bags I told her to get 5, she did, but they were huge bags and I still have 4 bags left.  (quickly Googling "what to do with marbles").

I tied up the shirt with lots of marbles and elastic bands.  It took HOURS, honestly, those little blighters take ages to tie in.

Then we put it on our heads for a laugh!


It was so heavy once all the marbles were in, she couldn't keep it on her head for long, although I do think it suited her.

I then dyed half in one colour and half in another, before that though I dipped the back side of it in a third colour to make the marble  gaps stand out more.

Delivered Unashamedly un-ironed, which he grumbled about. 

I don't DO ironing.

Here it is after my mother got her hands on it :) looks better huh?

I don't think I have seen him without it on yet, he must just wash it and wear it again.  Mad I tell ya, and you wonder where I get it from!

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