Friday, 9 August 2013

The Cornwall Hotel

Thought I would share we you where I am staying this weekend, The Cornwall Hotel Spa & Estate.

It's the most beautiful hotel in a wonderful setting.

We are staying in one of their 'Woodland rooms' which is a little bit luxurious with its own private balcony, overlooking the gardens & estate.

Let me show you some piccies.

This is the view from our bedroom onto the main part of the hotel where the restaurants & reception is.

The view standing on our balcony - when dusk falls the little bunnies all come out to play just underneath the window.

Inside the room (not showing you the bed as I've not made it :) but it is a super-king which is great as we have that size at home, usually when we go away we find the bed too small & end up snacking each other in the night.  Smacking!! SMACKING!!

Isn't the wallpaper divine?

I love the bathroom, it's so modern.

Check out the fabulous sink.

The restaurant is broken into smaller rooms and scattered about, this was the one we were in this morning.

Breakfast was yummy, on offer was porridge with clotted cream & Demerara sugar - em... naughty naughty, very decadent, but so nommity nom. Followed by marmite on toast - I'm such a classy bird :)

The plan today was, while Hubster went to work, to take a walk in the woods, go and take some photos in the Walled Garden, get my bushy caterpillar eyebrows waxed at the Spa, have a refreshing swim in the infinite pool and eat a wonderful lunch in the terrace restaurant.

What happened was after breakfast was I sat on the bed, checked my emails and fell asleep, waking up at 3.00pm! I blame the fact that I've been a little off colour for a few days, but what a waste of a beautiful day. I ended up getting up (again) eating a few pistachio nuts and a banana and crocheting on the balcony for a while.  Not quite the day I had planned, but we have the evening ahead yet.


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