Sunday, 22 February 2009

Teresa Laliberte Goddess Bead

You know when you bid on something on eBay...and you half want someone to outbit you as you can't really justify the pennies?
Well. that's what happened here. I have been after a Teresa Laliberte ( bead for ages, I was always outbid, but after a few glasses of red my limit suddenly upped itself and I found myself the winner.
"Yeeee", I thought, then "uh oh, hubby will kick my butt when he founds out what I have spent". Ahh well, don't tell him, little beads are easily hidden :)
Isn't she just lovely though?


  1. Come on then how much was it!

  2. Em...... a weeks food budget (nearly) ;)

    $94 - shhhhhh don't tell anyone :)


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